About me and the blog

A little bit about me

So what is there to know about me? I’m a third year student at university. I’m doing a Biomedical Science degree ( sounds fancy but it’s just learning to work in a lab!) I really enjoy reading books, Cassandra Clare does some amazing work, I love her! I’m also a massive Potterhead and Lord of the Rings junkie 😛 . Currently reading the fellowship of the ring, such a long book! But I got the special illustrated editions so it makes it a bit easier 😀 I love my little doggy, his name is Alfie, and I miss him so much when I’m in uni! He’s so cute and fluffy, but very noisy. Especially when the cats next door are teasing him 😛

About this blog

I decide to create this blog to help myself get better. I just wanted an outlet to tell people about my day, share my feelings and to make progress with my anxiety. It was beginning to be really important that I write things down. Just to get all my feelings out, and to feel like I’m doing something useful with my life. At the moment, things are all jumbled up, I don’t feel like I’m living life to its potential and I’m just a really emotional person! I want this blog to be a positive impact of my life, and hopefully it will have a good outcome for me, and for those of you who are kind enough to read it!

So I’m sending all my love to everyone of you who feel the same way as I do, and I hope we can work through this terrible thing called anxiety.

Yours forever more,

The A A

Oh yeah… I like orchids too 😀