HelloFresh and a Mock Interview

So today was a really good day, filled with a mock interview and preparations and also my first HelloFresh delivery!

Starting off

Today I went for a mock interview with the university employability team, and I think it went really well! First of all I sat down with the guy who was giving me advice and we went over my job description and my CV. He gave me loads of pointers on how to improve my CV and then he formed some questions from the job description. I was asked me to tell him a bit about myself. Normal interview question, but I froze up straight away! I don’t know why, but I always find it hard to talk about myself. So I said what I was doing at the moment, what I want to do and that was it. But apparently that was a bit too dry and I need to sell my personality a bit more. I’m not gonna lie, but what personality? I read books and surf the net, that’s about it

Getting Better?

So then he went on to ask normal interview questions like: What do you know about this? and What can you tell me about that? and I thought I was doing pretty well but I know I stutter a lot when I’m nervous, and the stutter was going for gold! He was asking me to slow down and repeat myself. I just couldn’t get the message I wanted to give across in the right way. But then he went through some techniques about answering some of the ‘competency’ questions. He used this method called STAR . It worked a treat! I started to think about my answers a bit more, and formulate them better.

I started to feel a bit more confident about the interview and how it was gonna go. So I left there with loads of tips and tricks on how to tailor my CV to the job. Also, I now know how to prepare for interviews by looking through the job description, my application, etc.

The fun part of the day!

My first ever HelloFresh delivery came today too! I didn’t think that they came in the cardboard box, but they actually do! Okay, so this HelloFresh thing started when I was coming back from Christmas break and they nabbed me in Victoria Train Station. Immediately I was like “oh no, not more people trying to scam me…”. But I’ve heard of HelloFresh before so I wasn’t as apprehensive about them as I normally would be. They asked if I cook, easy question, most people do. So I decided to play along, see what they had to offer (naughty I know). So they started telling me about the deal that they had on that day. 2 classic boxes for £19.99 each. Interesting.. but what do I get?

In these boxes were ingredients and recipes for 2 people for 3 days. So for me, 6 days worth of food (Yay! Double food for me!). And 6 meals for £19.99 was amazing! I saw what they had to offer and I was surprised, I liked most of them. Anyway, I decided to go for it! I liked that you could postpone as much as you wanted and only have the boxes for the weeks you like the menus.

Excited much?!

The arrival of the first box was a bit anticlimactic. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t disappointed! I was just in uni when the box was delivered! When I got home, I grabbed the box and it was like Christmas had come all over again! All the recipes’ dry or packet ingredients came in separate brown paper bags. Then the meats and the refrigerated stuff came in a special fridge pack. Completely biodegradable and Eco-friendly with fun ideas on the back to say how you could use the packaging in other ways instead of throwing it! I really like that and it made me giggle a bit 😀 I love quirky stuff like that! The recipe I cooked tonight was so easy to follow, and I expanded my taste buds a bit too 🙂

All in all, a very good day!

Signing off,

The A A


New Year, I’m working on me

Loads of people are saying “New year, New me”. All I hear is “I’ll start good, then I’ll stop because it’s too hard”.

I can’t stick to new year’s resolutions, so I just don’t make any. But if you’re not aiming for something, then what have you got to look forward to? I started this year with such a bad attitude. I was like “I’ll just plough through uni, get by with my anxiety and then go back home to live when I finish”. I’ve thought about it so much that I really wanted to change my attitude, hence creating this blog!

Taking back control.

The first to go was my contraceptive pill. I just wanted to rule out everything that could be making me feel down. So I went to the internet ( as per usual) and searched for articles about the combined pill. I found some articles which suggested that the pill was linked to developing anxiety and depression, so I decided to stop that.

The only thing with stopping my pill was that I’ve been on it for more than 4 years and I have no idea what to do anymore! Do I count the days from when I start to predict my next one? I can’t even remember how regular I was before I started the pill, so we’ll see how that goes..

The next thing to do was to see if I could get some help for my anxiety. I did think ‘oh I’m close to finishing uni now, only a few months left, might as well start when I get back home’, but I just can’t cope anymore. Life is feeling like a spectator sport. I don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere, or doing anything. Walking alone is terrifying, so I take the bus everywhere. I can hardly sleep because I’m scared of the littlest of noises and I feel like something is going to grab my legs in the night, so I have a nightlight to help me feel safe.

So I decided enough was enough. Otherwise I’ll be too scared to do anything and it’ll affect my final grades, and my life forever. Anxiety has ruled my life for such a long time. I can’t remember being that carefree, happy little girl I see in old family photos. So I emailed the Student Services and I’ve got an assessment appointment booked.

This is the first step towards the “new year, new me” and I hope it’s a “new year, working on me”

Signing off,

The A A